Overview: CT Lien Solutions

Comprehensive filing, public record search and portfolio management solutions for nationwide UCC, real property and DMV transactions.

CT Lien Solutions is the leading provider of lien lifecycle management services for lenders, leasing companies and law firms. Our people, products and solutions help our clients handle all their public record searching and filing needs, reducing time, reducing costs and increasing accuracy.

With more than 30 years pioneering ways to enhance the UCC process, product innovation continues to drive CT Lien Solutions' success. We now offer image-based online searching, UCC electronic filing and web-based UCC portfolio management.

Our web-based system, iLien, integrates online public record searches, document retrieval, UCC filing and portfolio management into one easy-to-use interface. And, we've brought relevant search and filing functionality to CTAdvantage, the platform of choice for law firms.

When speed, accuracy and solid due diligence are key, CT Lien Solutions doesn't just meet – we exceed – expectations. For more information, or to have someone contact you...